pete bangs

I decided to use "The Dedication Race" as a crashtest dummy to see how easy this would be to set up as it was already existing artwork.

"The Dedication Race" was written and drawn by me as an invitation to the dedication ceremony for my son, Harry James Samuel Bangs.  Having agreed with my lovely wife that I would do the invitations I made the mistake of asking her what she wanted it to be like.  "Something like a children's book would be great" she said with no idea of the work involved.  To compound the difficulties I figured this would be an ideal opportunity to figure out how to use Adobe Illustrator.  It seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Many hours of work later I ended up with this tale you see before you now.  Some of the Illustrator work is a little ropey but I've learn't so much just from getting down to getting on with something with a deadline rather than studying and reading and investigating and all the other ways to actually put off doing something.

If you're reading this I hope you enjoy "The Dedication Race".




Ps.  In case you don't know a Dedication is kind of like a Christening or a Baptism  for a small child.  Which you have seems to depend on your church.

pete bangs

looking at ways of getting a web comic out I found a reference to comicsfury and thought I'd give it a look.  Glad I did as it's an excellent place to get started.  I wanted something free, I'm not sure how well I'll keep this up and I've a couple of short longform comics ideas to try things out with, and I wanted something for the technically challenged as I've reached the age where technology is starting to exceed my ability to work it.  I tried, an excellent website building set up but couldn't for the life of me get a script set up on there to work a webcomic so I started looking around further.


That's when I came upon comicfury.  This is so straight forward all you need to do is concentrate on drawing and so here I am.